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economic importance of viruses

there are few uses:

1) "Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus" used as pesticide to kill pests in agricultural fields.

2) bacteriophage T4 and LAMBDA used to sell by companies to Biology institutions for experiments to carry out

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To the scientific point of view, viruses and bacteria are always much more "intelligent" than human being, which concerning as the most intelligent organisms on the earth. Their RNA/DNA containing unit of themselves always "updated" by mutation as well as horizontal gene transfer. Therefore, they all keep growing even though there are many threat, inhibition, toxic chemicals around them. This kind of renovating way forces scientist to keep working to find out solutions - no time for them to relax. So I think this is a kind of giving jobs to them, kk

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What is the economicimportance of virus

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Q: What is the medical importance of viruses?
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Why growing or cultivation of viruses is of medical importance?

-to isolate and identify viruses in clinical specimens -prepare viruses for vaccines -to research in detail the viral structures, multiplication cycles, genetics, and effects on the host cells

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yes medical viruses does use energy

Do viruses have any importance?

Yes, many viruses cause disease.

How are viruses importance to man?

because the viruses tear down your system and makes your body build antibodies

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From slime to sponges, researchers are exploring the ocean's depths for new medications to treat cancer, bacterial infections, viruses, heart disease, pain, and other ailments.

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Economic importance of all types of virus?

Viruses have positive and negative economic importance. On the negative side, viruses cause loss of productivity as well as loss of plants and animals. On the positive side, viruses have been engineered to destroy pests which attack crops. Viruses which attack bacteria have also been used to protect plants and animals from disease.

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