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Another name for the House of Representatives is the lower house. Another name for the Senate is the upper house.

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the lower house.

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Q: What other name is the House of Representatives called?
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Is congress another name for house of representatives?

no. congress is a name for both of the houses. senate and the house of Representatives are both called congress. :)

What other name exist for the house of representatives?

The only other name for the House of Representatives is the "Lower House" of Parliament.

What is the name of the lower house of the US Congress?

The lower house of Congress is called the House of Representatives. Although, the United States does not really use terms like that.

By what other name is the house of representatives?

Lower Houselower housethe green house

What is the name of position for the house of representatives?

House of Representatives

What is the other name for the Legislative Assembly?

If you are talking about the names they use in the Federal Parliament, then they are the House of Representatives and the Senate. In other words: The Legislative Council=The Senate=The Red Room=the upper house The Legislative Assembly=the House of Representatives=the Green Room=the lower house. ;-)

What is the name given to the senate and house of representatives?

It is the Congress. The congress is divided into two sections, the Senate, and the House of Representatives.

Name of your representatives to the House of Representatives?

Mike MyIntrye

What plan did the house of representatives come from?

The name of the plan that the House of Representatives came from is known as the Virginia Plan. This plan was instituted by Edmund Randolph and called for a bicameral congress of the people.

What is the name of the senate and the house of representatives when they meet jointly?

It is called a Joint Session of the U.S. Congress

What are the two common terms used to identify the house of representative?

The U.S. House of Representatives is most commonly known as simple the House. It is also called the Lower House of Congress.

What is the name of the house representatives?

His name is Paul Ryan.