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Q: What term is used to refer to the basic support systems that a nation needs to keep its economy running smoothly?
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What term is used to refer to the basic support systems that a nation needs to keep it economy running smoothly?


Are Avaya telephone systems good for business tele-conferencing?

Avaya telephone systems are great for business calls.. Having a good phone system will keep your company running smoothly.

How does the war in Iraq have a relation to the economy?

we spend millions a day to keep our troops and systems running

How does the integumentary reproductive systems work together to keep the body running smoothly?

The heart pumps blood to all of our veins and keeps us alive

Which CPU feature enables the microprocessor to support running multiple operating systems at the same time?


How did the passage of the Emergency Banking Act and the FDIC reflect Roosevelt's beliefs about the economy?

He felt that people were wary of the economy getting better. These programs helped to restore the faith needed in the banking systems to get the economy running again.

What are examples of support classification systems?

Support classification information systems are transaction processing systems, management information systems, knowledge management systems, office automation systems, decision support systems, group support systems.

Why did the whigs support the use of government to build national transportation systems?

They believed that if the government got involved, the economy would get better.

Why did some national support leaders transportation systems?

It was a way to get goods to markets faster and at a lower cost, which would help the economy.

What are the 4 economic systems?

The four types of economic systems are the traditional economy, the market economy, the command economy, and the mixed economy. Of these, the traditional economy is the most basic.

The Four economic systems?

There are four major types of economic systems. This includes the mixed economy, traditional economy, command economy, and market economy.

What are the 4 main types of economic systems?

the 4 main types of economic systems are: a market economy, a mixed economy, a planed economy, and a traditional economy