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koi college nahi milega .. iske liye das hazar ke ander rank chahiye ...

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Q: 40000rank par ncr kaun sa college milega?
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You got 32000 state rank for aieee will you get sum college in NCR?

No, in NCR no college will give you admission in this rank

What is full form of ncr cet Pakistan?

NCR-CET National Cash Register College Of Emerging Technologies

Which college is best ncr cet or baharia?

I study in bahria , and now i think i should have been studying in ncr cet , bahria sucksi study in ncr-cet; but i think it (sucks)^ infinity !!!NCR-CET is an excellent college. I was a student in the college from 2005 to 2007 and i think that it depends on u... If u r able to make full use of the facilities available then u can do gr8 things....

What is the admission date for NCR-CET college 2011?

hole year . :)

How do you best prepare for NCR college aptitude tests for admission?

To best prepare for NCR-CET college Aptitude Test is to prepare for those subjects in which u r interested to be TAUGHT in this college for an e.g:PRE ENGINEERING> MATHS, PHYSICS,CHEMCOMPUTER SCIENCE> COMPUTERCOMMERCE> MATHSPRE MEDICAL> BIOLOGY, PHYSICS, CHEMISTRYthank u,,

What is the market cap for NCR Corporation NCR?

As of July 2014, the market cap for NCR Corporation (NCR) is $5,416,454,000.00.

What is the ticker symbol for NCR Corporation?

The ticker symbol for NCR Corporation is NCR and it is traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

Is dharuhera in NCR?

Dharuhera is in NCR

What are the products in NCR?

what are the products in NCR

What is the livelihood in NCR?

Livelihood in ncr

What is the population of NCR Corporation?

NCR Corporation's population is 23,500.

What is on the NCR flag?

look up NCR on Google images