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yes. it is possible.

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Q: Admission in Saraswati college of pharmacy in Mpharm?
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Which is the Top institute in India conducting MPharm course?

Top institute for M.Pharma are: 1. NIPER, PUNJAB. 2. L.M. College of pharmacy, Ahmedabad. 3. Lovely Professional University. 4. BHU,banaras 5. Al-Ameen College of pharmcy 6. Bharati vidyapeeth, pune. 7. BITS, Pillani. 8. PES college of pharmacy, Bangalore. For more details check there websites. Some of universities like lovely university provides scholarship also.

Is theres any job apportunity after doing mpharm in clinical pharmacy?

There are several prospects after completing a Master of Pharmacy degree in Clinical Pharmacy. Employing agencies include drug research institutions, hospitals, retail pharmacies, drug control agencies, pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies. The candidate can teach pharmacy units in colleges and universities.

Is university of Manchester Mpharm better than university of bath Mpharm?

I will go to Bath it has a quite

Can you suggest some topics for mpharm pharmaceutics?

There are a few different topics for mpharm pharmaceutics all depending on the facilities. This includes controlled drug delivery, targeted drug delivery and polymer science.

Projects to be selected in mpharm pharmaceutics?

how to choose m.pharm pharmaceutics project??

Which topic shoul you choose for your project work in Pharmaceutics branch for MPharm?


What is the syllabus for Mpharm in bits pilani?

Please see here:

What degrees do you need to be a pharmacist?

Hi, I am a pharmacist (now training to be a Dr). You need a degree in Pharmacy (I went to Bradford uni, it's great!). It used to be a BSc Pharm degree but now I believe it is an MPharm. It takes four years of university study and then one year of professional training which can be undertaken in a community, hospital or industrial setting. It is hard work but worth it in the end; just be sure you really want to do it as it is a long time to study something you aren't sure about. Good luck and I hope this helps!AnswerSince 2001, new graduates have been required to be Doctors before they can sit for pharmacist licensure. The PharmD, or Doctor of Pharmacy degree has been adopted by all colleges of pharmacy in the United States.

What are the job options after doing Mpharm?

With a Master's in Pharmacology you can become a scientist and study cells. You can also become director of a research institution.

Hay Friendspls give you idea about doing mpharm also in which subject thereI m going to complete your bphrm here in India thinking to come thereIs it necessary to give APEC exam or only you?

Before thinking about Mpharm you will need a good score in an English exam. To sum things up, it isn't looking good for you.

What qualification is required to open a chemist shop?

To open a chemist shop, you typically need a degree in pharmacy or pharmaceutical sciences. Additionally, you may need to obtain a license or permit from the local health authorities or regulatory body to legally operate a chemist shop. Requirements can vary by location, so it's important to research the specific regulations in your area.

I am an mpharm graduate from India but I have passed my bpharm in 2003 can I apply for fpgee?

No you have to first complete an 5 year degree programin US, only then you can sit for FPGEE.Those who have compleated their deg (Bach)before 2002 are eligible....