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I walk/ I am walking/ I do walk

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Q: Ambulo in latin is what in English?
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What does ambulo mean in latin?

to walk

How do you modify the Latin word Ambulo - Walk - to mean Walker. I'm unsure of how Latin grammar works.?

ambulator To go from ambulo to ambulator, you take the supine form of the verb (ambulatum), take off the -um, and replace it with -or. This is how we get many English words such as monitor, doctor, sculptor, and actor.

What does the medical terminology combining form ambulo- mean?

The medical terminology combining form "ambulo-" refers to walking or movement. It is derived from the Latin word "ambulare," which means to walk.

What does ambulo mean?

ambulo means "walks"

What is the root word in ambulatory?

The root word in "ambulatory" is "ambulare," which means "to walk" in Latin.

What does ambulant mean in latin?

The Latin verb ambulo means "I walk". Ambulant is the third person plural: they walk, they are walking.

What does walking mean in latin?

It depends on your subject. Ambulo means "I am walking" in latin. Ambulas is you are walking. Ambulat is he/she/it is walking. Ambulamus is we are walking. Ambulatis is you all are walking. Ambulant is they are walking.

What is the Latin root word for toward?

'pro': Proceed: PRO ceed (pro sede') To go forward; advance

The word Preamble is taken from the Latin word meaning?

'pre' is a prefix meaning 'before' or 'first' and amble comes from ambulo, ambulare, meaning to walk, so the preamble is the first walk

What is Latin in in English?

The word latin in the English language would be Latin.

What is latin pax in english?

Latin: Pax English: Peace

What is 'he' when translated from English to Latin?

"He" is English is the personal pronoun is in Latin.