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Most medical sales companies require a four year degree. If you have previous experience and a good track record, the degree may be a non-issue. I know some people were turned down by hiring managers because they didn't have a degree. One of those was able to get back in and sell the hiring manager and was hired. Beware of programs calling themselves a medical sales college. They do not offer a real degree and make false claims about their success in the industry. Spend your time and money on an accredited College with a real degree that can help you in any industry.

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Q: Are all medical sales jobs requiring a college education?
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What kind of education should I have to apply for jobs in the medical sales field?

For jobs in the medical sales field you will want some background in medical terminology as well as a working knowledge of the products you will be selling and what they are used for.

How much education is required to become a dental sales rep?

The amount of education required to become a dental sales rep depends on the company you want to work for. Sometimes a college degree is necessary and other times they want sales experience.

What degrees can one obtain from Charleston College?

There are many degrees that one can obtain from Charleston College. Some of the graduates from this college are now making a living in the sales, marketing, education and operation fields.

Are there any schools to attend to become a car dealer?

A college degree is not required to be a car dealer. Many dealerships just require that you have some sales experience before they would consider hiring you. Honestly, an strong education is not a requirement to become a car salesman. A high school education is definitely preferred, but you do not need a college degree. You can attend some salesmanship classes, though, at your local community college for some sales education.

How does one become a regional sales manager?

"To become a regional sales manager, usually one begins with a job in sales. Through performance in sales volume and client interaction skills, one then follows the path to management and then regional manager. A college education often can expedite the process."

what are some jobs in the medical sales field?

There are many jobs in the medical sales field. Medical sales representatives can choose to service any number of divisions of the medical field, from biotechnology to medical laboratories. Here is a more in-depth look at the many medical sales job opportunities available:

What kinds of jobs can you get without a college education?

Job whithout college education might be: 1) Sales executive 2) Any sales person - sales agent " because this requieres an experience more than an educational aspect. 3) Kids assistant in a nursery or elementary school. 4) shop vendor 5) houskeeper 6) helpdesk or call center in a bank " sometimes does not require a degree" 7) CASHIER - in a hypermarket or super or mini GOOD LUCK ROSE

When was St Francis de Sales College created?

St Francis de Sales College was created in 1999.

What companies make sturdy shower stools?

Medical sales companies sell sturdy shower stools. Examples of medical sales companies are Patterson Medical, All Time Medical, and Home Health Medical.

What is a good objective for a sales rep position?

You should be a medical sales rep

What do you call a person who sells medical equipment?

Medical sales professional. Medical equipment salesperson.

What kind of education is needed for for a sales engineer job?

Sales Engineers are a growing workforce that require a Bachelor's degree in Engineering. For more information you should go on this website to learn all about the "Career Education and Career Planning" involved in becoming a Sales Engineer: Thanks a lot for the great question!