BA or BS in Economics

Updated: 11/10/2022
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Either. It just depends on what the program your school has, and what you want to do with it. The BS is more quantitative data(numbers, math etc.) and the BA degree is more theory and liberal arts, generally. The exception being that liberal arts econ majors generally have greater access to the math department, because they share which college they're in. Liberal arts allows students to take a heavier math curriculum, but does not require it. Most schools the cirriculum is identical, however, the only difference is that the BA students are required to be proficient in a foreign language and the BS students may have to take an upper-level calculus class. Go BS if you want to be a practicing economist right out of undergrad, as the work you might do will use math. Go BA if you want to do something in business or law, medicine, or if you intend to go to graduate school. Graduate schools require an extremely heavy undergrad math curriculum, which is easier to get while pursuing a BA. Either will work no matter what if you put your mind to it :-)

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Q: BA or BS in Economics
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