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Q: Can I please see a picture of Santa Monica Community College or view the College campus?
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When was Laredo Community College South Campus created?

Laredo Community College South Campus was created in 1947.

When was Northern Virginia Community College - Annandale Campus - created?

Northern Virginia Community College - Annandale Campus - was created in 1965.

Is metro state a community college?

No, Metro State is a university, but shares campus with Community College of Denver.

Does Cuyahoga Community College have housing?

Cuyahoga Community College has three campuses, and none have housing. Being a community college it is considered a commuters campus.

Where is the Johnston Community College located?

The Johnston Community College campus is located at 245 College Road, Smithfield, North Carolina, United States of America. There are several off-campus locations as well.

What community colleges in Illinois offer campus housing?

Lincoln College and Parkand College both report that they have on-campus housing available.

What is a good community college campus at?

Most every county in every state has a community college or equivalent. I would suggest you look into your home county community college first.

What is a good community college in Tempe AZ?

Mesa Community College, the main campus is at Dobson and the 60 but there are multiple locations around the area.

Where is College of Western Idaho located?

The College of Western Idaho is an American public community college. There are various campus situated throughout the Treasure Valley but the main campus is in Nampa, Idaho.

What is the motto of Cowes Enterprise College?

The motto of Cowes Enterprise College is 'A learning campus at the heart of the community'.

How many acres is Phoenix Community College?

Main campus: 52 acres

How many people who live on campus have children at meridian community college?