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Q: Can a fraternity be reinstated once its chapter is closed?
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Can a judgment that was discharged be reinstated 2 and a half years after the chapter 7 bk judgment was included in the bankruptcy?

It depends on the specific circumstances and laws governing bankruptcy in your jurisdiction. Generally, once a judgment is discharged in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, it cannot be reinstated. However, if there were any exceptions to discharge or if the judgment was based on fraud, it could potentially be reinstated. It is best to consult with a bankruptcy attorney for guidance specific to your situation.

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Once a chapter 7 bankruptcy case is closed can the trustee order the debtor to relinquish their tax refund if not ordered prior to closing?

I would think that to be highly unlikely. Once a case is closed, the Trustee has filed all the proper paperwork and the case is set aside, usually permanently. Unless there is substancial fraud involved on your part and the Trustee gets wind of it, I'd think you are safe.

Did Michael Jackson ever get reinstated in the Jehovah's Witness religon?

No, once he left he had absolutely no interest in going back if he they wanted him to.

Can you get a home loan if you have recently filed a chapter 7?

Not if the bankruptcy is pending. Once it has been discharged (preferably closed) then it is possible to apply for credit. Whether or not the applicant is extended credit of any sort is the decision of the lending institution.

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Is the executor of an estate finished once the estate is closed?

Once the taxes are paid and the estate closed they are done. Most of the time the court will issue the order closing the estate.

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