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i not sure

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Q: Can all girls go to school in Indian?
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Did ancient Indian boys and girls go to school?

not girls

By any other name by Santha Rama Rau?

what two ways in which the indian girls who have been at the school awhile imitate the english girls

Did all roman children go to school?

Roman boys went to school but believe it or not girls didn't go to school.

Can girls as Indian go to school?

Of course girls must attend school, or if they choose to, they may be home educated, too. American Indians today are no different than their non-native counterparts.

Do all girls in north America go to school?


When girls go to all girls schools do you turn lesbian?

No, this is not true. You can go to an all girls school and still be straight. It's just up to you if you want to become a lesbian.

How do you get to know girls if you go to an all boys school?

Well in your situation, you would have to meet girls otherwise, outside of school. Get out there in the world.

How many girls can't go to school?

There was no school for girls.

If you are 12 and go to an all boys school with no girls schools nearby how do you get a girlfriend?

Go to parties and dances and try to hang out with some girls.

What indian girls like most money or love?

Most of the Indian girls would go for money and not love.

Did girls go to school in early Haida?

No, Girls Couldn't go to school because, girls had to learn how to work in the house.

What school did girls go to in the early 1900?

well in italy the girls didn't go to school