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Although the US National Anthem can be translated literally into Spanish, it would take quite a bit of poetic liberty to make it rhyme and convey the true meaning of the words.

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Q: Can be translated into Spanish the US anthem?
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What are the English lyrics to the Spanish national anthem?

There aren't any lyrics, Spanish or English: the Spanish national anthem is entirely instrumental, with no vocals.

Who translated the lupang hinirang to spanish?

According to (to which refer) the Wikipedia article, 'lupang hinirang' was the tune by Juan Felipe used for the Philippine national anthem, to which the words of a poem in Spanish 'Filipinas' by Jose Palma were applied.

What is the name of the us anthem on woozworld?

us national anthem

What is the word 'jewelry' when translated from English to Spanish?

joyas (pronounced HOY-us)

Is it true there are exactly 126 words in the Spanish National Anthem?

There may have been 126 words in the Spanish national anthem during the Franco years, but since his departure, the Spanish government chose to strip the anthem of its words, making the Spanish anthem one of the few anthems in the world that is entirely non-vocal. It has 0 words.

What is the capital of the US translated in spanish?

There is no translation to Spanish for Washington, as it is a last name (the city was named to honor George Washington).

What language was the anthem of Ecuador written in?

"Salve Oh Patria," The Ecuadorian anthem, is written in Spanish.

What is the name of the Norwagion anthem in English?

The Norwegian Anthem, Ja vi elsker dete landet, is translated in English as "Yes, we love this country".

Was Harry Potter translated into Spanish?

Yes, Harry Potter was translated into Spanish.

How do you say national anthem in spanish?

Himno nacional.

And in Spanish?

In Spanish, "and" is translated as "y".

Is a grand old flag the national anthem of the US?

No. The national anthem of the US is "The Star-Spangled Banner".