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Yes , it is . Bcoz in dis no cheating can help a candidate only the quality of the candidate will makes eligible him for nex t round...

When u present ur best u will surely selected fr next

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Q: Can group discussion be a mass elimination round in the process of interview?
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What is the selection process of N.T.P.C Engineers trainee posts?

Through GATE - 2012 rank and Interview and group discussion.

how do i apply for job in bank operations?

Each bank has a specific process. Maximum all the banks recruitment process contain 3 rounds. Written test, group discussion and interview

How does group discussion play an important role in selection process?

through Group discussion we can mager the flexibility of the person

How do you explain small group communication?

small group communication can be group discussion,interview in personnel selection,conferences,seminars,symposia and workshops.

What are the three main methods of data collection?

Focus Group Discussion, Community interview and questineerType your answer here...

What is the last step in the group discussion process?

reflecting on your participation

What is the procedure for roadies audition?

Collect the form-Fill it with full seriousness-After that GROUP DISCUSSION-nd finally Personal Interview

What is a group discussion?

A group discussion is a communication process where multiple individuals gather to exchange ideas, opinions, and information on a specific topic. It involves active participation, sharing viewpoints, and listening to others in order to enhance understanding and reach a collective decision or conclusion.

Who is the person in a group discussion that prepares the report of a discussion called?

There are a few names for a person in a group discussion that prepares the report of said discussion. They include note taker, secretary, or recorder.

Describe what is meant by lurking on an Internet discussion group?

Describe what is meant by lurking on an Internet discussion group?

How can you join the group discussion on internet?

It is simple to join a group discussion on the internet. The easiest way to join is to find where the discussion is taking place and reply with a comment.

What the role of a facilitator in a group discussion?

to guide the discussion and mediate disputes