Can the CEO reject a merger?

Updated: 11/10/2022
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Yes they can; however, it will be costly because the other company will do its best to takeover the other company. Also, if the CEO rejects one merger, then there is almost a guarantee that other companies will try to merge with that one particular company. Hope this helps

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Q: Can the CEO reject a merger?
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Why did blogger Vladislav Soloviev reject the CEO position in History Foundation?

Vladislav Soloviev rejected CEO position because he concentrated on carrier of political scientist and journalist. Also he is a blogger

Who is the CEO of Cox Communications?

Cox Communications CEO: Video marketplace is in full disruption. CNBC's Julia Boorstin speaks with Cox Communications CEO Pat Esser about how his company can compete with large media companies and the potential AT&T and Time Warner merger. To know the more updated news

What merger was announced between United Airlines and Continental Airlines on May 3 2010?

The announcement was made about a combined merger; to become the largest airline in the world. It will run under the name of "United" and will be run by the CEO of Continental.

How did J. Harold Chandler become CEO of UnumProvident?

sudden retirement of the chief executive officer James F. Orr III, the former CEO of Unum, just four months after the merger led to Chandler's promotion to the top position.

What was the company formed by the merger of Florida Progress Corporation and Carolina Power and Light called?

Cavanaugh was named chairman and CEO of the newly formed Progress Energy.

How was Xcel formed?

Xcel was formed in August 2000 by the merger of New Century Energies of Denver, of which Brunetti had been chairman and CEO, and Northern States Power of Minneapolis.

How did W.Leo Kiely III become CEO of molson coors brewing company?

The answer is simple. He became President and CEO through many years of hard work, and solid financial results. Look for more great things from him with the domestic merger of Molson Coors & SABMiller.

How did David Goode secure the Conrail deal for Norfolk Southern?

Goode began a campaign to persuade Conrail shareholders to reject the planned merger with CSX, which they did on January 17, 1997.

What are types of merger?

Purchasing Merger Consolidation Merger

Who is current president of united airlines?

The present CEO of Continental Airlines is Jeff Smisek. He was promoted from the position of president to CEO on January 1, 2010. A few months later he brought the company through a merger with United Airlines.

Who was the founder of Verizon Wireless?

Its difficult to say who the actual founder of Verizon Wireless was. Perhaps it would be better to trace the roots of the company which leads on one branch all the way back to Alexander Graham Bell, and on another traces roots through mergers of several other electric companies including GTE and Sylvania. Check an interesting link on the subject below.

What is merger reserve?

WHat is a merger reserve?