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Q: Can you get partial disability for vertigo?
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Can you get disability for Vertigo?


What is Moderate Partial Disability?


Can you get permanent partial disability benefits for arthritis?

can you get disabilyt for arthritis

What are allowable weeks for permanent partial disability?

10 weeks

What is percentage of disability for job injury loss of partial thumb?


Does a permanent partial disability rating count as income?

It is possible that you could have some taxable income from a disability payment amount.

What are the definitions of partial and permanent disability?

Partial you only receive 10 years of W/C Permanent you receive it forever

Why does ssi decrease your monthly payment?

Due to an increase in your other income. Due to a reclassification as partial disability instead of a full disability.

What is covered by disability insurance?

Disability insurance covers any impairment that is previously unknown to the beneficiary. However, the beneficiary only provides partial wage replacement to workers who are unable to work due to their disability.

What are the Work restrictions on permanent partial disability?

As prescribed by your doctor. Your employer needs to comply fully.

What is the workers comp settlement for 15 percent permanent partial disability of the lower extremity?


Do you have to pay taxes on a partial life insurance paid out due to total disability?

If I'm not mistaken, life insurance is paid out on death. It may have a clause that pays the premiums on it in event of disability, but that, like a policy that pays you on disability, is basically under a disability insurance benefit, not life insurance policy.