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I would say no in Ky. You have to be available to work and you have to be actively looking for employment.

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I don't think you can in any state.

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No, because you are not able to work.

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Q: Can you still get your unemployment benefits if you are in prison?
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In Illinois can you collect unemployment while in prison?

No. To be eligible for unemployment benefits, you must be available for work. If you are incarcerated, you are not available for work.

Can one work and still draw benefits from unemployment?

That depends upon how much money you are earning from your work. If your earnings are relatively low, you may still qualify for unemployment benefits. However, if your earnings are high, then in effect you are no longer unemployed, and should not receive unemployment benefits.

Can you still get unemployment benefits if you join the army?

No. You are working when in the army.

Are professional ballplayers eligible for unemployment benefits in the offseason?

No. They are still on the team so the can't file for unemployment.

Can you close your 401k?

can you close out your 401k and still receive unemployment benefits

If you walk off your job and still collect unemployment?

No, if you quit your job, you are no longer eligible for unemployment insurance benefits.

In the state of Illinois must unemployment benefits be deducted from Social Security benefits?

It's the other way around. Half the amount of your Social Security benefits are deducted from Illinois' unemployment benefits. Illinois is one of only three states that still applies a 50% offset to unemployment.

Can you claim unemployment benefits to reduce the amount of child support but be working full time?

yes but be prepared to go to prison

If you are moving from Pennsylvania to Texas can you still claim unemployment benefits until you find a job?

Yes, as long as you are complying with all the requirements of Pennsylvania's unemployment office where you filed for benefits.

If you are laid off and will receive a compensation package will you still be able to collect unemployment?

Yes, you will still be able to receive unemployment. I am not sure if the amount of severence has anything to do with it though. I received a severence and still qualified for max unemployment benefits.

If you were laid off in Illinois can you still collect unemployment benefits if you move to Tennessee?


Can a US Citizen living in the US work for a Canadian company for the last twelve months and still collect US unemployment?

No. Unemployment benefits are provided for those who did work but, for some reason, have lost their jobs. If you are working, you are not eligible for unemployment benefits.