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In the right context, yes they could. You could make an inquiry as part of doing some research.

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Q: Could inquiry and research together
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Could Inquiry and research go together?

In the right context, yes they could. You could make an inquiry as part of doing some research.

What is the types of research according to inquiry?

Documentation and analysis are types of research according to inquiry.

Do these two words inquiry and research somehow indicate strength of character?

The words "inquiry" and "research" do not inherently indicate strength of character. Strength of character is more about one's moral values, integrity, and ability to persevere in the face of challenges, rather than the act of inquiry or research itself. However, engaging in thorough inquiry and research can demonstrate qualities such as curiosity, determination, and critical thinking, which are often associated with a strong character.

What is human inquiry?

Human inquiry refers to the process of seeking knowledge or understanding through asking questions, conducting research, and analyzing information. It involves the systematic investigation of a topic or issue to generate insights and develop new perspectives. Human inquiry is fundamental to scientific research, philosophical inquiry, and personal development.

When was Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics created?

Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics was created in 2011. It is a peer-reviewed journal that explores the value of storytelling and narrative in bioethics research and practice.

The recognized standard means of inquiry used by research scientists is the method?

...the scientific method.

What is a scholarly or systematic investigation or inquiry about a subject called?

It's called research or experimentation.

Could you please show me some questions that can and can not be answered by scientific inquiry?

This question does not need scientific inquiry.

What is the motto of Social Science Research Center MSU?

Social Science Research Center - MSU -'s motto is 'Inquiry Leads to Impact'.

Could you investigate this through scientific inquiry?

Yes, almost any question can be investigated though scientific inquiry.

What is a sentence explain what is scientific inquiry is?

I don't know how to make a sentence to this words scientific inquiry. Could you help me with this?

What does promted your research mean?

"Prompted your research" means what initiated or drove your research interest or inquiry. It refers to the reason or motivation behind someone's decision to conduct a particular study or investigation.