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Q: Could your EGO be what is called the devil or Satan?
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Does beyonce's alter ego worship the devil?

no nobody does

When was A Dog Called Ego created?

A Dog Called Ego was created in 2006.

What is the symbols of a dragon?

==new answer== In the universal language of mind the dragon represents the final stages of learning the correct use of the ego. At the beginning of our journey, we work to become aware of the conscious ego, which is the angel who fell from heaven. This is where all our doubts and fears come from. The initial step is to gain control of the physical body and the conscious ego. All work is toward re-identifying with our true self or "I AM" which is the ego in it's purest form. The conscious ego is what most believe as the devil or satan. It is all about the energy we have to use and learning how to use it productively, or in symbology, causing the serpent to become the dragon, or having use of the refined energy for our final work here.

Does Sasha fierce mean daughter of the devil?

son or daughter of devil and great singer, and a great singer is devil

What is the difference between ID and ego?

In Freudian psychology, the id is the unconscious part of the mind that operates on the pleasure principle, seeking immediate gratification. The ego is the conscious part of the mind that mediates between the id's desires and reality, operating on the reality principle. The ego helps to balance the demands of the id with social norms and expectations.

Is there power granted to the followers of Satan?

Satanic PowersYes there is a power granted, but it isn't like most people would think. The power is freedom from being put down by members of your religion for simply being yourself, because a satanist doesn't believe that the "sins" that the Christians preach about are not "evil." This is because the so called sins all lead to either physical or mental gratification. ==new answer== Satan or the devil is actually our own conscious ego which is responsible for all our doubts and insecurities. Until we develop enough understanding to use this energy as the push forward, as Jesus did in the wilderness, we are controlled by this conscious ego. In order to rise above the physical where the good stuff is, we must gain control of the conscious ego and our emotions, and learn to be still so we can percieve with more than the five senses. The conscious ego does everything it can to keep us at the low level of physical existence, caught up in the instant gratification syndrom. is power granted to all of us no matter what we believe or disbelieve. NO, you are not granted powers BY the devil for doing "devilish" things. If you decide to do evil you are merely the devils tool, or minion, and hence diminish what ever powers may have been granted you. The only power that Satan has is the power you give to him. Remember, he is the great deceiver. He is nothing without the evil that men do. Do not be fooled by empty promises. No, no power is granted.....

What do you call a person with a big ego?

A person with a big ego can be called arrogant, conceited, or self-absorbed.

When was the devil created?

According to Muslim's Faith, Devil was an Angel before, but when god made the very first human Adam and ask all the Angels to lie their heads down in front of him, all obidiently followed the order but that angel (Iblees) refused, that was the point when he was turned into Devil from Angel, that was the birth of Devil.

What are the names of the Devils?

first of all why think there is a devil in the universe. Just think avout we always say bad things like ghosts,devils, and the dark, but why? that's just ego(which is like desires, things you want that don't last until you die, attachments like being attached to your children when they're away, or saying my alot) So you tell me why you care about the devil.

Who sings ego?

Elton John had a minor radio hit called EGO, but I can't believe anyone but me remembers it. Is this the right song?

What symbol could represent an ego?

A mirror could represent an ego, as it reflects one's perception of themselves and can sometimes lead to a focus on self-image and self-importance.

How do you say the devils daughter in latin?

Diabolus scitus est melior Diabolo inscito (or ignorato)