Definition of cause and effect

Updated: 10/10/2023
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Cause is the reason something happens. For instance, the cause of something falling is gravity. Effectis the result that happens due to the cause. For instance, the effect of gravity is the falling of the object. They are pretty much opposite.

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whats the difference between cause and effect?

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Q: Definition of cause and effect
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What is a definition for cause and effect?

Cause and effect refers to the relationship between events or things, where one (the cause) leads to the occurrence of another (the effect). It is the idea that actions or events produce certain results or consequences.

What is the definition of rival causes?

A cause and effect relationship in which the cause presented is not necesarily the reason that explains the effect. It is due to another cause.

What is the best definition of a cause-and-effect paragraph?

A paragraph that introduces a cause and then lists effects of the cause.

What is the definition for cause and effect?

Well cause is something that happened or an event that happened for a purpose and an effect is a consequence or something that happens because of the cause.

What does the definition of cause and effect mean?

cause and effect is when you have a cause or an event that will lead to a problem or bigger event; and the effect is the result of the problem or bigger event. this is breann Stewart's definition of cause/effect!!

What is a cause and effects?

Cause-and-effect definition, noting a relationship between actions or events such that one or more are the result of the other or others.

Which term might require a definition in a cause-and-effect essay about childhood obesity written for an audience of classmates?

morbidly obese

What are the nine paragraph patterns?

Narration, Description, Illustration, Cause/Effect, Process Analysis, Comparison, Contrast, Classification and Definition.

What is the definition of the word plot when relating to a story?

Aristotle defines plot as "the arrangement of the incidents [action, episodes, scenes] according to cause and effect."

What is the definition of result?

It is the final step in a process, the effect of a cause, the data of an experiment. It's the event or situation that comes after and is caused by a given event.

What are the 13 mode paragraph?

anecdote,details,classification,enumeration,development focus on effect,development focus on cause,definition,contrast,comparison,

What are the difference in cause and effect?

the different between cause and effect.... cause=what cause the problem or what cause it to become a problem effect=what effect did it have on it hope that help u(: