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Q: Did Joseph h smith get a education?
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What type of invention did Joseph h smith invent?

Joseph H. Smith invented the lawn sprinkler.

When was Joseph h smith born lawn sprinkler inventor?

The lawn sprinkler is a common sight in many communities during the warm summer months. It was invented by Joseph H. Smith who was born on December 23, 1805.

What has the author Joseph H Smith written?

Joseph H. Smith has written: 'History of Harrison County, Iowa, including a condensed history of the state, the early settlement of the county ... together with sketches of its pioneers ..' -- subject(s): History

Did Joseph S smith invent the lawn sprinkler?

The Joseph Smith that invented the lawn sprinkler was notthe same Joseph Smith that founded Mormonism.The Joseph Smith that invented the lawn sprinkler was a black American slave. We know very little about him but can assume that he invented the sprinkler to make watering the lawn easier!

What has the author Vernon H Smith written?

Vernon H. Smith has written: 'Eyes and education' -- subject(s): Eye Diseases, In infancy & childhood, Pediatric ophthalmology, School health, School hygiene 'Alternatives in education' -- subject(s): Education, Experimental methods

were did joseph h smith lawn sprinkler inventor alive from 1865 to 1941?

the giver

Is the Joseph Smith in the freemanson?

no. Joseph Smith was the founder of mormanism.

What languages did Joseph Smith study?

Joseph Smith didn't study languages- he had a third grade education, which offers proof that he didn't write the Book of Mormon himself; he wouldn't have been able to. After the publication of the Book of Mormon and the organization of the Church, Joseph Smith studied Hebrew, Greek, and German in order to make his translation of the Bible.

Who is Joseph H Smith?

Joseph H. Smith was an African American born into slavery who invented an improved version of the lawn sprinkler. He was not the first person to invent and patent the lawn sprinkler, but his sprinkler patents improved on the original idea. After creating his first sprinkler, he continued to improve it and patented a second version.

Was Joseph Smith illiterate?

No, though his formal education was only equivalent to that of a 3rd grade education, he was able to read, write, and even learned Hebrew before his death.

What is Joseph's birth name?

Upon his birth, Joseph Smith was named Joseph Smith. Throughout his life he was called Joseph Smith, Jr. because his father's name is also Joseph Smith. His son was named Joseph Smith, III. His enemies often referred to him as Joe Smith. This was intended to be very disrespectful, and it was often offensive.

Who is Pretty Ricky?

Joseph Blue Smith Joseph Blue Smith