Did Russia win WW2

Updated: 11/8/2022
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It is impossible to give all credit of the entire World War 2 war to one country, because first of all D-day is considered by Most Historians the main turning point in the war, which was a joint effort. Secondly each country had a key role to play in order for victory as whole to be grasped. I seriously doubt one country all by themselves could get a win solo from beginning to end . Even Michael Jordan can't win a championship by himself. But if we are basing victory on who gave the most sweat from there brow it would be Russia. They suffered the most casualties 10,700,000 soldiers and 14 million civilians. Overall in retrospect there are many details Behind the Scenes which covers pass the scope of this question, which contributed greatly to the war effort from different countries of the Allies.

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Q: Did Russia win WW2
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Who led russia during WW2?

Josef Stalin was the leader of the Russians during WW2.

How was the leader of Russia in world war 2?

Stalin led Russia in WW2.

What was the population of russia in ww2?

27,000,000 i think

Did the US win WW2?

The US won along with China, Great Britain, Canada, France and Russia were the main allies. The main Nazi's were Italy, Germany and Japan. They were on the losing sides.

What countries battled each other on the wars eastern front?

Germany and Russia

Why wasent the US and Russia angry at Switzerland during ww2?

Russia had no reasons, Switzerland was neutral.

Has Russia been in any wars?

Russia has been in numerous wars such as WW1 , WW2 , Afghanistan .

Why Russia feared US before world war 2?

Russia fears usa in ww2

Why is Russia rich?

Russia is rich cuz in ww2 they owned the half of the oil production and industry.

Operation barbarossa has to do with what?

The WW2 conflict between Germany and Russia .

What was operation barbrarossa?

Hitler's attack plan for Russia WW2

Was Russia already at war before World War 2?

No, Before the German attack on Russia it was not in WW2.