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Word processing programs are usually used to process texts and pictures wheras spreadsheet programs are used to process numbers and formulas.

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Assignment: 1

Grade 5 Computer

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Q1- Explain the major differences between word-processing software and spread sheet software?

Q2- Explain different characteristics of word-processing software?

Q3- Give examples of atleast five new characteristics

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Compare accessible features in word process and spreadsheet.

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Q: Differences between word processing and spreadsheet?
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What is the difference between a spreadsheet app and a word processing app?

A spreadsheet app has rows and columns. Word processing just goes down the page.

What is the difference between excel and a word window?

Excel is a spreadsheet program that is marketed by Microsoft. Word is a word processing program that is marketed by the same company.

What is the most used word processing program?

excel is for Spreadsheet Word Processing.. e.g. MS Word, NotePad, Word pad.. etc..

Please give four differences in point What is the difference between spreadsheet and worksheet?

Spreadsheet contains the following letters before the word sheet: S, P, A, and D. Worksheet does not contain those four letters before the word sheet.

What type of software is mainly used to manipulate text and data?

Word processing

What is the difference between Microsoft Word and MS Excel?

Word: Is used to Create / Edit Word Processing documents Excel: Is used to Create / Edit Spreadsheet Calculations Hope this helps

What combines application software such as word processing spreadsheet presentation graphics and email?

A software suite

Describe in which situation you will use word processing spreadsheets and PowerPoint?

MS Word (word processing) - Create a letter. MS Excel (spreadsheet) - Create a budget. MS PowerPoint - Create a briefing.

How do you link an external Excel spreadsheet into a word document?

Select the data in the spreadsheet and copy it. Go to the Word document and in the Edit menu pick Paste Special and Paste Link. A link will be established so that when the spreadsheet changes, the data in the word processing document will also change.

What is A word processing program such as Microsoft Word?

There are several freeware alternatives; one that is fairly popular is OpenOffice, which includes a word processing program similar to Microsoft Word, a spreadsheet program similar to Excel, and some other programs.

Is spreadsheet a document?

Any printed item can be called a document. Usually, related to computer applications, a document referrs to a word processing output, while a spreadsheet referrs to output from a spreadsheet program, like MS Excel.

What is an example of how an embedded object in software works?

For example, a spreadsheet object can be brought into a word-processing document. Any time the spreadsheet object is updated in the original spreadsheet software, the object is automatically updated in the destination document.