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= = Advent caldendars are very commen in Germany. Every child has one.

They consist of two pieces of cardboard on top of each other. Every door shows a little picture or a pieces of chocolate. Advent calendars can also consist of cloth sheets with small pockets to be filled with candy or other small gift items

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Q: Do Germans have a advent calendar?
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What is the purpose of an Advent calendar?

The Advent calendar has special meaning during the holiday season. Created in the 19th century by Lutheran Germans, the calendar counts down the days until Christmas, typically in December.

What was the day 5 prize on the Howrse advent calendar?

The advent calendar is no longer in operation.

Do you eat you advent calendar on the first day of advent?

You open the first window of the advent calendar on the first day of December.

What is an advent calendar?

An advent calendar is a calendar, used to count down the days of advent, after each day of advent goes past the owner would open a window, revealing a hidden picture or gift each day.

Where is number twenty-four on the binweevils advent calendar?

number 24 is somewhere on the advent calendar so you will have to find it . sorry

Why was the first advent calendar made?

who made the first advent calender and why

What month do you open an Advent calendar on?

Advent always starts in November.

Who made the first advent calendar?

It is believed the first printed advent calendar was made in 1908 by a Swabian parishioner, Gerhard Lang.

What are different calendars?

advent calendar

What does Christian calendar starts with?


How do you get advent calendar on Howrse?

The advent calendars are no longer available. Howrse puts up a notice telling you when there is going to be an advent calendar, there is always a link to it in the information about is as well as in the forum disscusions about the advent calendars. (in the month of december)

How did the advent calendar get its name?

The advent calendar got its name because the days leading up to Christmas, Christmas itself, and a few days after Christmas are called advent. Advent calendars are calendars that count down the days of advent, or the days before Christmas.