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most kids get papers about summer school. if you fill them out and bring them back, you are automatically going to summer school. your parents must choose first. if they say it doesn't matter, you can choose!

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Summer relaxes kids, you get to sleep in, stay up late, and when school comes around, you don't want to go back because you won't be able to sleep in or stay up late.

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Yes 1 out 10 students do.

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Q: Do kids have to go to summer school?
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Is it summer vacation for kids who go to schhol in India?

No they start school when we end school

When do kids go back to school from summer break?

August 6th

Why do kids have to read durring the summer?

kids have to read in the summer because if the do not once they go back to school they will be low in reading.and i know its happened to me!

When do Georgia kids go back to school from summer break?

August 6th

Do kids go to educational schools over the summer to stay caught up?

No! Kids hate school and always will. Parents are f**kin weird to make kids go to school! Shame on you!

When do kids start Summer vacation in US?

The time of Summer vacations for school kids in the United States varies from State to State. For the most part, Summer vacation from school begins in the late Summer.

Do crime rate go up or down doing summer vacation?

They go up. Kids are out of school, and they are in more public places. Like the pool. They can get picked up much more easily without the school's protection So it's up to the parents/guardians to protect their kids. and to pay a lot more attention to their kids this summer!!

Do kids go to school?

Yes, most kids go to school.

How many days do kids have to go to school?

The Japanese school year only grants the kids a month of summer vacation, meaning they attend school for most of the year. [[User:|]]stardingo747

How can school require a child to go to summer school and not provide after school care?

It depends on the school system's policy and on why you have to go to summer school.

Do kids go to school in Mali?

yes kids in mali do go to school.

What is the answer to the riddle why do kids go to school autumn through spring?

Kids go to school autumn through spring because that is the standard academic year in many countries. The school year typically starts in the fall and ends in the spring, following the cycle of seasons.