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You would have to fail 2 classes in 2 semesters meaning getting 1 or 2 es or d- in each semesters

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Q: Do you get held back if fail semester?
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How many days absent in twelfth grade until you are held back?

9 days in a semester

What happens if you fail school?

If you fail school you will have to go to summer school to make up your grade, and if you don't you will get held back.

Can you be held back for failing TAKS?

Yes. If you fail, you get another chance though.

How many f's do you need to fail 5th grade?

Can You fail 5th grade and get held back? it is impossible to get held at 5th grade the school would probably still let you pass

What is meant by number of back logs in the field of education?

If student fail in any subjects in university exams its nothing but back logs. If the student fail in 3 subjects means he have 3 backlogs. He/she will have to give the exam in that subject again in the next semester

What Happens If you Fail a 7th grade placement test by a small amount but still have a B plus in the class do you get held back and retake the class?

You might get held back and retake the class. Depends on what school you go to.

What happens if you fail the 2nd semester only of junior year but pass the 1st semester of senior year Do you still get the credit or not?

I want to know the same thing......

What do MESTER and AF mean in school schedule?

MESTER is short for semester and AF means Absent Fail

If you fail 2 out of your 4 classes in your 1st semester in college will you lose your financial aid?

No, but you might be put on probation.

Is it true that if eighth graders don't pass history or science they wont go to ninth grade?

Yes, Science is a main class, if you fail it, you can be retained (held-back)

If i drop out of law school my second semester how long will i have to wait until i go back to law school?

If you drop out of school in your second semester, you may have to wait until the next semester to go back to school after passing the supplementary exams.

Is it truw that everybody passes the 6 grade?

It is not true that everybody passes the 6th grade. There are several reasons a student may fail or be held back, such as poor academic performance.