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No you do not get to choose the room you would like to be in,

most of the colleges only let you pic if you want to be just girls or guys or mixed (on the same floor) most of the time you will only get to pick if you want to be alone or with a roomate or sometimes 2 or 3 roommates. to be by you self it will cost more.

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Q: Do you get to choose college dorm room?
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Can you have a personal chosen room mate in college?

Most colleges will allow you to choose room, suite, and dorm mates.

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A room in college is typically called a dorm room, where dorm is typically short for "dormitory".

What is the cost for a dorm room in college?

It would really depend on the college.

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This GE countertop is a perfect size microwave for a college dorm room, as it has a very small footprint and is relatively lightweight to move from place to place.

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