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yes you do ,well at least i did in yr 6

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Q: Do you learn about sex in primary school?
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What is a primary school and what does it provide?

primary school is somewhere you go to learn.

What is Bengeo Primary School's motto?

The motto of Bengeo Primary School is 'Listen to Learn'.

What is Lyneham Primary School's motto?

Lyneham Primary School's motto is 'Learn Progress Serve'.

What does primary kids learn?

In a primary school for kids of course. Where else?

Reasons for single sex school?

you can learn better

Do you learn about circumcision at school?

If by school you mean primary or high school, no. I am unaware of any school that teaches about circumcision in its curriculum.

Is school open in radford primary school?

When your but comes up to your peenis and you suck your mothers breast and have sex with your mum

What is St. John's C.of E. Primary School Burscough's motto?

St. John's C.of E. Primary School Burscough's motto is 'Together we learn'.

What are the pro's and cons of sex education before high school?

The pros of sex education before high school is so the kids will be informed. The cons are the children learn about sex way to early.

What grade do you learn algebra?

You start learning algebra as soon as you leave primary school.

How do you solve calculus?

This is just as with the math you learn in high school or even in primary school: different problems are solved in different ways. You'll just have to learn everything you can about calculus.

Where is the Rosyth school located?

The Rosyth School is located in Singapore. It is a primary school where students learn the core educational topics such as science, grammar, and mathematics.