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BYU Idaho College does not currently teach law school.

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Q: Does BYU Idaho college teach law school?
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Where is BYU college?

There are three BYU locations. The main school is in Provo, Utah and is simply called BYU. There is also BYU-Idaho in Rexburg and BYU-Hawaii in Laie.

Where is BYU-Idaho located?

BYU-Idaho is located in the state of Idaho.

What are the pros and cons of Byu- Idaho vs Byu Provo?

BYU-Idaho is much smaller than BYU-Provo. Some prefer a smaller school while others prefer a larger one. You are more likely to be accepted to BYU-Idaho, but you might also be more limited in the classes, majors, and activities available to you. There are also fewer people, so if you are a really social person, it might not be for you. In addition, BYU-Idaho isn't known for it's sports. If you a big college sports fan, you'll want to go to a larger school. BYU-Provo is much more difficult to get into. Since there are so many people, you might end up feeling more like a number, rather than a student that your professors actually care about. They are quite well known for their sports, especially their football team, so if you are into college sports it's a better choice than BYU-Idaho. Also, as a larger school, it is more diverse and has more academic and social opportunities.

What colleges are in Arizona?

None. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) owns four universities, two in Utah (BYU and LDS Business College), one in Idaho (BYU-Idaho) and one in Hawaii (BYU-Hawaii).

Where is brigham young univ?

BYU is in Provo, Utah. BYU-Idaho is in Rexburg Idaho and BYU-Hawaii is in Laie Hawaii

What is the name for the BYU alternative?

There isn't really a "BYU" alternative. Many who do not get into BYU Provo apply to attend BYU Idaho or BYU Hawaii. Many also apply to attend Utah Valley University (UVU) which is a state school in the same area as BYU.

Is brigham young university a four year or two year college?

BYU-Provo, BYU-Idaho, and BYU-Hawaii are all four year universities that offer post-graduate studies as well.

Byu is located in what state?

Utah, unless you are talking about BYU Idaho or BYU Hawaii.

University of Byu is located in which state?

Utah, unless your talking about BYU Idaho or BYU Hawaii

Colleges of Idaho?

State Colleges College of Southern Idaho College of Western Idaho Eastern Idaho Technical College Lewis-Clark State College North Idaho College State Universities Boise State University Idaho State University University of Idaho Private Colleges Apollo College Brown Mackie College College of Idaho ITT Technical Institute, Idaho College New Saint Andrews College Stevens - Henager College Wesley Center for Applied Theology Private Universities BYU-Idaho University George Fox University Northwest Nazarene University University of Phoenix, Idaho Campus

When was BYU College of Nursing created?

BYU College of Nursing was created in 1952.

When was BYU College of Humanities created?

BYU College of Humanities was created in 1965.