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Yes there is We call it a leavers ball

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Q: Does Haberdashers Aske's school for girls have a prom for end of sixth form?
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Why do girls not like a sixth grader?

caz they are new to a school

Is Wimbledon college for girls or boys?

It's for boys, but the sixth-form is combined with ursuline high school (which is a girls school/college)

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Is Queen Mary's grammar school an all boy school?

It is for the high school but then it's allows girls in as well for their sixth form

In sixth form is bentley wood going to turn into a mixed school?

Yeah sixth form in Bentley Wood High School in Stanmore is a mixed sixth form, however the SECONDARY school is an all girls school. I hope i answered your question ^^ Yr 11 student in BWHS XD

What is the sixth grade definition of sixth grade?

The sixth school year after kindergarten

If There are 87 students in the sixth grade34 percent of the sixth graders participate in after school activities about how many sixth-grade students participate in after school actvities?


Does sixth grade have to be in middle school?

No, in my school district sixth grade is in intermediate school. Only seventh and eighth graders are considered to be middle school students.

When do sixth graders have school dances?

It depends on the school.

Do sixth graders have a school dance?

It really depends on the school they go to. The sixth graders in my town go to a school dance, but in some other towns they may not.

Where do sixth graders belong?

In school.

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It is absolutely normal for girls to be taller than boys at the age of 12. Girls hit their growth spurts before boys do. If you look at sixth or seventh grade school pictures, the tallest kids are usually girls.