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A contrast of characters nearly always makes for a better story because you can create conflicts between characters who are different and you can explore why they are so different or have such different values (such as a teenager and her parents having different backgrounds and ideals). When you also compare some characters in your stories the reader has something of interest to read about. Who would want to read a book with flat characters or who are all the same or speak the same way?

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Q: Does contrast of characters make for a better story?
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Shakespeare relies on appearance versus reality to make his characters what?

The contrast between the appearance and the reality of the characters gives Shakespeare's characters depth.

How can you make a diary of one of the characters in the story Dance for the Devil by Edward McCourt that explains the end of the story?

First, you read the story. Then, you pretend you are one of the characters in that story and imagine what they would write in their diary about the end of that story. It's just a matter of make-believe.

Do the characters seem like real people?

That depends on which story you are reading!Every story has characters - some of them are believable and others are not. You'll have to make that determination for every story you read.

Why does an author use characterization in story?

Characterization helps bring characters to life by providing details about their personality, behavior, and motivations. It allows readers to connect with and understand the characters, making the story more engaging and relatable. Additionally, characterization adds depth and complexity to the narrative, contributing to the overall themes and messages of the story.

This is for a book - who should Hazel go out with out of Lukas and Karl - if she goes out with Lukas it will be such a twist?

We have no idea who any of the characters are - you need to write whatever YOU think will make a better story - if you write what everyone tells you to, there will be no twist or no interesting story!

What characters should you have for your story?

Whatever characters you are interested in! Nobody can write your story except for you. Characters should be believable and seem to be real people -- not perfect or super-powerful. They should have enough interesting quirks to make the readers like them, and should make enough mistakes to make them human.

How do characters affect the resolution of plot in a story?

They found a way to make it stop.

What is the meaning of the phrase characters make the story?

The meaning of "characters make the story" is this: without characters, how can the story unfold? In order for a story to flow, there has to be someone or something that comes up and either saves the day, or destroys it. No matter what the character is doing in the story, there always has to be one. When a reader finishes a book, they're most likely recollecting their favorite person or animal in the story. Readers like to relate to the character's in stories, and remember their favorite events.

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What is the word for A feeling of a story?

The word you are looking for is "narrative." It refers to the account of events, setting, and characters that make up a story.

How does mood make a story better?

In your mind you might have emotions which will go into your story

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