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"Yes, counselors from the Tuition Management will sit down with the family and provide insights and options for the families to consider in acquiring affordable educations."

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Q: Does tuition management help families to afford education?
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Who was able to attend school in New York colony?

In New York, and the other Middle Colonies, private schools were the main source of education. Because there was tuition, only richer families could afford it.

Why do not some students go on to university?

Some cannot afford the tuition. Others do not seek higher education.

What is the education like in Malawi?

the education is poor and you have to pay and some families cant afford to send their children to school

Are parents required to pay for tuition if they can afford it?

No they are not required to pay tuition.

What are problems with education in the us?

The problems in education are mainly high tuition. Some people cannot afford to send their children to good schools. There are other problems as well, but this is a main one. -?

How many percent of families cant afford school uniforms?

It is estimated that around 40-50% of families worldwide cannot afford school uniforms for their children. This lack of affordability can lead to students being unable to attend school, impacting their education and opportunities for the future.

How many families in Canada can afford food?

2 in 4 families in Canada can afford food. This is called Poverty

Do medieval kids go to school?

There were no conventional schools. Churches provided education and only very wealthy families could afford to enlist their children, boys and girls.

Why do we have public school?

We have public schools to keep the people who can't always afford schools children in school. Not everyone can afford school and in our country we can't deny people of education. We just give them special benefits to aid their payments. Hope this helps, Thanks

I need help paying for my education. Can you help me?

I am a divorced 25 year old women. I cannot afford my tuition and books for school. I was recently accepted into the surgical technology program and I am searching for a grant to help me. Can you help?

Who qualifies for a parent plus loan?

Parent plus loans are for college students who have parents that can't afford to pay their child's tuition. Many students now days can't afford to go to school, and most parents don't set up education funds. These the people who these loans are designed for.

Effects of tuition fee increase?

Students who can't afford the fee will stop studying.