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Answer it yourself. Otherwise taking my words will be purgery

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Q: Explain how Tinbergen's wasp research involved both observations and experiments?
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How do scientists get information?

Scientists get information from research, observations, experiments, and other scientists.

How does applied and empirical research differ?

Theoretical research has its findings based on existing theories and hypothesis...there is no practical application in the research. Emperical research has its findings based on the verification through experiments, experiences and observations...... By: Khangelani Vuke 2012

What is inductivism?

According to inductivism, scientific research proceeds from observations to theories.Scientists begin with experiments, finding out what happens in specific cases. They then use the results of these experiments to develop general theories about what happens in all cases.

What makes experiments and observation the same?

Experiments and observations are both methods used in scientific research to gather information about the world. They both involve collecting data, testing hypotheses, and drawing conclusions based on evidence. However, experiments involve manipulating variables to test causal relationships, while observations involve simply watching and recording phenomena without interference.

How did Michael Faraday use scientific method?

Michael Faraday used the scientific method by making careful observations of natural phenomena, forming hypotheses to explain these observations, conducting experiments to test his theories, and then drawing conclusions based on the results of his experiments. He emphasized the importance of empirical evidence and reproducibility in his research.

What are the 6 research methods that sociologists use to gather data?

The six research methods sociologists use to gather data are surveys, interviews, observations, experiments, content analysis, and existing data analysis.

Did controlled experiments or multiple observations lead to the generalization that all organisms are composed of cells?

The generalization that all organisms are composed of cells was primarily supported by multiple observations rather than controlled experiments. Early scientists like Robert Hooke and Anton van Leeuwenhoek made observations using microscopes and discovered cells in living organisms, which laid the foundation for the cell theory. Subsequent research through various observations across different organisms further confirmed this generalization.

Which phrase best describes a scientific theory?

A scientific theory is the best explanation for a praticular pattern of observations.

Information scientists collect when doing experiments and making observations?

When conducting experiments and making observations, information scientists typically collect data such as measurements, observations, and other relevant facts related to the research question. This data is collected systematically and accurately to ensure that it is reliable for analysis and drawing conclusions. Scientists may also document any unexpected findings or variables that could influence the results.

How do you get first hand information?

To get first-hand information, you can directly experience or witness the event, situation, or phenomenon yourself. This involves being personally present or involved in the sources of information, rather than relying on second-hand accounts or interpretations from others. This can include conducting interviews, experiments, observations, or firsthand research.

What is data collection in research methodology?

Data collection in research methodology involves gathering relevant information, facts, and figures to answer research questions or test hypotheses. This can be done through various methods such as surveys, interviews, experiments, or observations. The quality and reliability of the research findings depend on the accuracy and thoroughness of the data collected.

What are research based articles?

When researchers want to write their findings they normally write research articles in the form of papers, letters, and/or reviews. The important thing is that they don't write based on their "speculative" experience but they write the evidence based on the observations conducted in their experiments.