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hippopotomus, millenium, dodecahedron, euphonium, photosynthesis

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Q: Five words with more than three syllables?
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Which one of the following words has more than four syllables pretentiously considerable accidental or embarrassment?

Considerable. It has five syllables.

What are 5 words that describe friendship?

A word that has five syllables that means friendship is accompaniment (ac-com-pa-ni-ment). A sentence that means friendship that is five syllables is "friendly relation" or "state of being friends".

Which one of the following words has more than four syllables A pretentiously B considerable C accid?

B. Pretentiously has four syllables. Considerable has five syllables. Accid has two syllables.

What is the word for many syllable spaghetti?

Polysyllable. Words with two or three syllables are called disyllables and trisyllables, respectively, though 'polysyllable' can be a word with two syllables or more. A word with multiple syllables would be described as polysyllabic.

How many syllables in sycamore?

There are three syllables. Syc-a-more.

Does serious have three syllables or more?

Just three.

What is a word with three or more syllables that starts with E?

A word with three or more syllables that starts with an E are: experience example excuses exercise

Give 30 examples of words with stressed syllables?

It's actually more difficult to find words without stressed syllables. You asked for thirty, but here are five examples for you:THIR-tyex-AM-plesSYL-la-blesSEN-ten-cesZOM-bies

Which one of the following words has more more than four syllables?

The one with more than four syllables.

Does considerable have more than four syllables?

Yes it has five syllables. Con-sid-er-a-ble.

What is the difference between monosyllabic and polysyllabic words?

Monosyllabic words consist of only one syllable, while polysyllabic words have two or more syllables. Monosyllabic words are typically shorter and simpler, while polysyllabic words can be more complex and may convey more specific meanings.

What is the mimium word total in haiku poem?

A traditional haiku poem consists of 17 syllables in a 5-7-5 pattern, so there are 17 syllables in total. In terms of English words, a haiku typically consists of three lines with a total of 17 syllables, often having fewer than 17 English words.