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khah-tee-KHAH means babe, or beautiful (but it may not be considered flattering to some.)

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Q: Flattering word for a Hebrew woman?
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What is the Hebrew word for woman?

Woman = eesha (אשה)Women = Nasheem (נשים)"Woman" in Hebrew is "ee-SHAH" - אישה.

Flattering words that begins with H?

Handsome is a flattering word. Heroic is a flattering word.

What is the Hebrew word for woman's?

the possessive form in Hebrew is just the word shel (של) which means "of". woman's ( or 'of woman') = shel eeshah (של אישה)

What dress style is universally flattering on all woman?

An empire style dress is flattering for every body type.

What flattering words start with the letter O?

Outstanding is a flattering word. It begins with O.

What is the Hebrew word for man and woman?

Greek = Anthropótita (Ανθρωπότητα)Hebrew = Adam (אדם)

What is a married woman called in Hebrew?

rabbi = רב (pronounced Rav)The Hebrew word for Rabbi is rahv (רב) which means "master".The English word Rabbi actually comes from the Hebrew word rahbi (רבי) which means "my master".TeacherRav is Rabbi in HebrewThe Hebrew word for rabbi is rahv (רב)

What is an in depth meaning of ee SHAH in Hebrew?

eeshah (אשה) is the Hebrew word for woman. It's simply the word for man (eesh, איש) with the femine suffix -ah (־ה) attached. The word can also be translated as wife.

What does the word woman mean in the Holy Bible?

The Hebrew word for woman is ish-shah', which lliterally means a "female man" and implies that 'woman was taken from man' (Genesis 2:22-23)

What does shiksa mean in Hebrew?


What is the definition of the word blarney?

The word Blarney means flattering or deceptive talk.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Flattering Word - 1929?

The cast of The Flattering Word - 1929 includes: Janet Adair as Actress Blanche Friderici as Actress John Litel as The Clergyman