Four types of tourist

Updated: 10/10/2023
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The four basic types of tourists are:

1) International tourists- these are persons from outside of your immediate geographical region.

2) Regional tourists- these are persons that are within the same geographic region.

3) Domestic tourists- are persons who travel, but within their own country.

4) Excursionist- this is a person who stays for less than 24 hours.

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Feature tours, special tours, academic tours, study tours, health tours and so on.

domestic tourist- port-of-Spain to sangre grande

regional tourist- Barbados to st.lucia

international tourist- trinidad to england

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couples family es business independent school groups special interest groups vafaf retired independent travelers that's all i know

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Q: Four types of tourist
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What are tourist types?

There are four basic types of tourist: stop over cruise tourist day tourist transit toust stop over tourist are tourist that stay for more than one night. They use accommidations and transportation.They are the most important tourist in terms of expenditure for most countries. == ==

4 types of tourist role?

four types of tourist roles are the ff: 1. the organized-mass tourist 2. the individual mass tourist 3. the explorer 4. the drifter the first two are called institutionalized tourist roles while the last two types are called uninstitutionalized. by:adrian carillo

Describe the four basic types of tourist?

There are four main types of tourists. These types of tourists include international tourists, regional tourists, domestic tourists, as well as excursionists.

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What are the types of tour itineraries?

Answer1)Transit2)stopover3)day4)cruiseAn international tourist,a regional tourist,a domestic tourist and a excursionist tourist.

Describe and tell the four types of tourists?

The four types of tourists are: leisure tourists who travel for relaxation and enjoyment, business tourists who travel for work-related purposes, adventure tourists seeking exciting and challenging experiences, and cultural tourists who are interested in exploring different cultures, traditions, and history.

What types of tourist destinations are there?

there are two type of tourist destination "natural and man made

What types of tourist are there?

The sightseeing tourist spending money tourists relaxing tourists and nothing else i can name.

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