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There are many reasons for people to study religions. By studying religions people are able to have a clearer understanding of the cultures in various areas. These studies provide in depth understanding of why people behave in a certain manner or have specific beliefs. The study of religions allows for a more compassionate and sympathetic community. Such studies allow for harmonious co-existence within an area as well.

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Q: Give five reasons why people should study religions what are they?
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What people who study religion do?

Those who study religion (or theology as it often called) do so for many and varied reasons. Private individuals may study religion, their own or religions in general, to be well informed and recognize differences or similarities of religions. People who are involved in becoming priests or ministers also study theology so they can minister to people with a greater knowledge of what is involved in whatever religion they have chosen. In conclusion, people study theology for their own personal edification or for the purposes of becoming more informed as priests or theologians.

Why study Comparative Religions?

Objective study of Comparative Religions leads to understanding, and understanding leads to tolerance. Tolerance, in turn, is one of the greatest achievements of people.

Should I study Buddhism?

There are two possible reasons for studying Buddhism. You may be drawn to Buddhist spirituality and feel that you may wish to become a Buddhist yourself. Or, you are interested in the study of comparative religions, and wish to know a little about Buddhism as well as other religions such as Christianity and, say, Hinduism.If you fully understand why you are interested in Buddhism, then you will be in a position to decide whether to invest some effort into the study of Buddhism.

What reasons should someone stay on at six form for?

To study for qualifications, not for social reasons.

Who are people who study religion?

"Theology" is the study of gods, (from theos - Greek), or more generally the study of religion or spirituality. Those involved in such studies could be termed 'theologists'.Religious studies or philosophy of religion are terms for the study of religions. I don't know of a term for the person who studies religions. A theologian studies gods and not all religions have gods.

State any four reasons why pre-school teacher should study about child growth and development?

state four reasons why pre - school teacher should study about child growth and development?

Why is it important to study world religions?

It's is important to study the major religions of the world because it allows you to understand the way other people live, and can make you more tolerable of those different than yourself.

Why should you study other religions?

So you may learn all knowledge and figure out exactly what you believe in and why.

Why should you study medicine?

There are a whole host of reasons to study medicine, but the only one that really counts is to have a passion for science and for helping people.

Why should you study teenage pregnancy?

Teenage pregnancy should be studied for a multitude of reasons. One of the main reasons is to determine how many are in need of sexual education.

Do other religions study the Quran?


Does the study of modern mythology in college include all existing religions?

Not generally. The study of religions is typically taught in a comparative religion course.