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I remember bits and pieces of it...

so some questions might seem off

- What planet is most like earth?

-If you are using a shovel to move snow, what is the shovel considered?


b. pully lever

- Pancreas and insulin go together

-An island is formed in the ocean, what type of rock is this?

-Converting F to C

-Tectonic plates move in the ocean, whats most likely to happen?

-Thanks to an editor, would be in what page of a book?

-know conversions 2.2 to something?

Hope that helped !

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The TEAS is a test that anyone wishing to enter nursing must take and pass. It stands for the Test of Essential Academic Skills. It gathers information about your abilities in many areas, such as general knowledge, math, English, and science.

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The TEAS test is an exam that measures entry level skills of nursing program applicants. This exam includes questions for science, English and reading.

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Q: Has anyone taken the nursing test called the teas test?
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