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Needs to be examined by a good gunsmith

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Q: Have west point 22 cal model 45 semi auto rifle does it shoot shorts?
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Can you shoot 22 shorts in a Model 981T?

Yes short, long or long rifle.

Can you shoot 22 shorts in your marlin model 881?

Yes. You should clean the chamber if you shoot a lot of shorts- you can get a buildup of carbon in the chamber that may make chambering a long rifle cartridge difficult. Nothing special- just a brush and powder solvent.

Dh9 model 550-1 22 rifle?

The 550-1 is a semi auto .22 rifle made by Remington. It is unusual in that it can shoot shorts, longs, or long rifle cartridges. Value can range from $100-150, depending on condition.

Will your Stevens 87b shoot long rifle shells?

Yes it will as well as 22 short and long rifle, but the rifle will only shoot the 22 LR shells as a Semi auto and the shorts and longs you will have to manually cycle the gun by hand

Can you shoot 22 shorts in amodel949 hr?

Yes, the H&R model 949 (Forty Niner) is made to shoot .22 short, long, and long rifle. The barrel should indicate this. It should appear as: .22 cal, S, L, LR

Can you shoot 22 shorts in the Marlin Model 989?

Because the 989 is a magazine fed rifle, the 22 short may not feed properly. In addition, if you fire many shorts in the rifle you run the risk of building up dirt that will attract moisture and cause corrosion. If the chamber gets corroded at the front it will not feed 22 long rifles well. If you must shoot sorts, clean the chamber well when you are done.

What is a Utica marksman germany 347 the only marks on the gun and is a 22 long rifle?

I want to know what the Utica marksman is also. I do know it is not long rifle. Will shoot shorts and longs.

How do you use MP5 rifle?

Well son its like a camera point and shoot!

How do you noscope in halo?

point and shoot without zooming in on your sniper rifle. Exactly how it sounds!

Do airsoft bbs work on a diasy model 105 air rifle?

No. It's not designed to shoot them.

Pioneer model 25 single shoot rifle?

Made by J Stevens Arms Company

How many pellets can a model 1790 rifle handle?

This rifle is a break barrel design an shoot one pellet at a time and has to be reloaded after each shot.