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You can contribute to your school in many ways:

1. You can offer community service.

2. Talk to your school counselor about doing any food drives, clothing drives, etc.

3. Offer to help the cafeteria during homeroom.

4. Ask the principal about using recycling bins in addition to garbage cans.

5. Ask the principal about using plastic trays instead of styrofoam trays.

6. Anything you think would help!

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i think it does help u because most children are part of the community

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Q: How can you as a community help your children in school?
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How can the school help in achieving a healthy community?

It can help because it will teach the children what to do. The parents will follow to set the example for others. The children will teach their friends, older/younger siblings.

Did the Wendat children go to school?

yes, but it wasn't actually a school. Everyone from the Huron community taught the children.

Is Tutoring community service?

Yes. Tutoring is community service. It's helping children of all ages get ahead and keep up with school. Children are part of this community, are they not?

How did the anasazi children help in the community?

by doing sex

Functioning of school with local community?

The school and the local community work together to shape children into productive citizens. Students go to school to learn and demonstrate how to be a good citizen by volunteering within their local community.

How do teachers help the community?

Teachers help the community by educating and empowering students, who then contribute to society as knowledgeable and skilled individuals. They also often participate in community events, provide guidance and support to families, and serve as positive role models for students. Additionally, teachers may advocate for educational policies that benefit the community.

What is a socal worker?

a socal worker work's with children and help's the community

educational psychology to the diagnosis and treatment of children's ?

School psychologists helps the youth succeed in school with social interactions and behaviour. They engage with teachers and parents to create a atmsophere that is healthy and safe. They help strenghthen comunication with the community.

How do you get past deepnines on a school computer?

We in the Wiki community will not help you bypass your school's internet security !

What is a good method for planning the school year?

A good method for planning for a school year is to get the community involved. Ask your community if you can visit them on field trips or if they can visit you and talk to the children.

What good will school lockers help children?

School lockers help children stay organized, while giving them a personal and private space to keep their things.

What year did Pinnacle High School in Phoenix open?

Pinnacle High School in Phoenix is a community school for grades nine to twelve and specialises in helping both children and the local community. It opened in the year 2000.