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How to Get 1000 credits:

No need. If a beginner, you already get 1,000 credits.

For the experts who had no money, sell your items if you don't use them.

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Q: How can you get fast 1000 credits in Epicduel?
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What is the red gem for on epicduel?

For Credits

How do you get money fast in epicduel?

Keep training on epicduel go in 2v2 and keep batteling

How do you get credits in epicduel?

You win battles, or you sell Weapons, armors, etc. Hope this helps:D

How do you level up fast on epicduel?

NPC or you can use XP boosters

Who is titan in epicduel?

the leader of epicduel also known as the creator of epicduel!

What is epicduel code?

Tell me some epicduel codes.

How can you get free 1000 facebook credits?

You can get 1000 free credits when you suscribe on IMVU website and install it. Or you can try to get a chance with games on facebook.

How do you use ctrl shift to get 1000 credits in poptropica?

This is a bogus cheat made up in someone's imagination. There is no shortcut to receive 1000 credits.

Can you get 1000 free facebook credits?

There is a way to get that many credits by doing reward programs.

Mathletics how to get 1000 credits?

by smelling my toes

Do you have to upgrade to play epicduel?

You have to have at least one upgraded account to link your epicduel account to so the answer is yes

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Rainsford and Whitney are headed to South America.