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Here are some reasons why skipping homework brings your grades down:

  • Teachers grade the homework and getting a 0 or an F will bring your grade down a lot
  • Homework helps you learn the material and if you don't know it, your test grades will be bad
  • Homework helps you practice for the tests and if you practice, your grades will come up

Here are some more opinions:

You can't, to get good grades, you have to do your homework, projects, and activities that the teacher has you do. Do your homework and learn, so you can get a good education so you can get a good job, and live in some degree of comfort.

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You don't. I have done my homework and studied hard. There is a reason for doing homework and that is you learn a lot more, get better grades and retain the information. Do your homework!

No offense, but you should put some effort into your homework if you want to succeed in life. Doing well could result in living a good life. You could have mansions, dream cars, clothes, whatever. PLEASE... do your homework!!! :)

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Q: How can you get good grades without doing homework?
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What is the contrapositive of the statement If he does his homework then he gets good grades?

If he does not get good grades, he does not do his homework.

Is it good to be remiss in doing your homework?

No, it is not good to be remiss in doing your homework because it can lead to incomplete understanding of the material, lower grades, and a lack of effective time management skills. Consistent effort and diligence in completing homework assignments is important for academic success.

How do you get good grades without doing your homework?

It can be very hard to get a good job if you don't have good grades. The best way to approach it is to be prepared to explain why your grades were poor and to be able to present personal references from people outside of your family who know you well.

Is getting good grades part of doing homework?

You don't necessarily get a good grade from doing your homework, but you certainly get a better one than you would if you didn't do the work! Some kids just aren't good at school and can't make an A or B - that's OK so long as they can pass the class, and homework lets you pass.

How do you get a good grades in eighth grade?

Studying hard, doing all of your homework, do extra credit, working hard, etc. improve after and repeat

How do you do good in exams and get good grades?

You get good grades by listening to the teacher and doing your homework on time so you can absorb all your info for the future exams ahead it is really hard when you are in year 7 you know so you just have to work to the best of your ability

What is more important homework or soccer?

Soccer is always important for your mind and physical body because it is exercise and entertainment. However, without good grades, you cannot play on a school team. Not doing homework can also have impact on your future. It is best to find a good balance between the two. Don't ignore one for the other.

Did Taylor Swift do her homework?

Yes, she had to get really good grades to get to where she is.

How do I show my parents that I'm trustworthy?

Try by doing the dishes, washing the dog/ taking him out, making dinner, doing all of your homework right away and getting good grades. I hope that this helped.

How old will you be in 15 years if you are 13?

... 15 + 13 = 28 ........ Are you doing this for math homework? Dude, if your really that desperate for good grades just do the work yourself!

Are there laws about homework in California?

No there is not. It's like all the other states. You do your homework so you can get good grades.

How do you get better grades in math?

Do your homework, study for test, and pay good attention.