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The World is becoming more and more fast paced. Technology has increased so much in the last few years and this trend looks like it will continue. It is so important to keep up with these emerging technologies and the skills that are required to properly use these new gadgets. As anybody can attest to, the nature of our working environments have changed drastically over the last twenty years. While every generation have different work skills that are emphasized, it's been unprecedented how quickly computer skills have gained prominence in recent years. For Further Detail visit :-

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Computers are becoming an increasingly vital part of all jobs, and computer skills are arguably some of the most versatile and universally applicable skills, expecially in the society of constant technological advancement we all live in.

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Q: How computer is more important than other subject?
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Which is more important application or operating software?

Operating system is more important than the application software, in the sense that the operating system is the mother of all software that are to run on the computer. without the operating system, it is impossible for the computer to run. operating system provides a platform for all other software to be installed on. it is actually the main software that supports all other software.

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Why is the light bulb more important than the Internet?

the light bulb is just important yeah you dumb computer

What is more important the computer appliance or the components?

Which is more important, a car or the tires, engine, and transmission? Each of the components is useless by itself, and a car cannot do anything if it is missing its non-aesthetic components. Same goes for a computer.

What is the difference between computer science and computer science with mathematics?

Generally, a computer science program that emphasizes mathematics will be more theoretically rigorous. A computer science program that does not emphasize mathematics will be more pragmatically rigorous. Which is better is the subject of much debate.

Do cpus affect how games are played on a computer?

Yes. A fast CPU is important to how games are played on a computer. More important than the CPU are the amount of RAM in a computer and the video card. You could make do with a less powerful CPU with more RAM and a great video card.

What is subject filing system?

A subject filing system is the arranging of documents by given subject. The subject is considered more important that an individual or business name.

Is computer test better for students?

It has been seen that students do well in computer test. However, it is just a matter of interest. There maybe some students who don't like this subject and may score low. But when compared to other subjects, computer is far more scoring as it based on practical knowledge.

What are the main subject in computer science?

In computer science engg ,main subjects are oops,data structures,database management system,operating system,computer architecture and more