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Teachers use interactive whiteboards in classrooms to enable students to view information. Data is projected onto the whiteboard for them to see and the teacher can then interact with the data or content using a pen in the same way of a regular whiteboard. It is used similar to a computer allowing the teacher to show pictures, diagrams, graphs etc.

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by using the pen

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Q: How do teachers use interactive whiteboards in classrooms?
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Do you need a teamboard for teamboard draw?

no. The DRAW license permits its use by registered users on other interactive whiteboards.

How Electricity do use in classroom?

Electricity is used in classrooms to power electronic devices such as computers, projectors, lights, and interactive whiteboards. It also enables the use of equipment like printers, chargers, and other multimedia devices that enhance teaching and learning experiences. Additionally, electricity is vital for providing a comfortable and conducive environment by powering heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.

How do you integrate technology in education?

you can use ipads for childrens learning to create posters and documents on apps such as Pages, students can do this themselves. Also, interavtive whiteboards are useful for teachers.

Why do some schools still use chalkboards?

Some schools still use Chalkboards because some teachers prefer to use them, or because the school is lacking in funds to upgrade to new whiteboards, or Smart Boards.

What is the role of application software in Education?

MozaLearn, developed to help students and teachers with indispensable digital programs for up-to-date educational methods, include elements like mozaBook to use with interactive digital whiteboards; mozaWeb to help home learning with online exercises and supplementary educational material; and mozaLogin, which helps in reducing the teachers'administrative workload.

How do you draw pictures on Bebo whiteboards?

you use your mouse and brain

What is meant by interactive strategy?

it is a strategy which the teachers use in learning processes to the student in order to facilitate them and make the learning process effective and productive.

Do teachers have to buy classroom furniture?

In many cases, schools provide basic classroom furniture such as desks, chairs, and whiteboards. However, teachers may choose to personalize their classroom by purchasing additional furniture or decorations. Some schools may have a budget for teachers to use towards classroom supplies and furniture.

Where online can I find teacher created resources?

You can find teacher-created resources on websites such as Teachers Pay Teachers,, and Scholastic Teacher Resources. These platforms offer a wide variety of materials created by teachers for teachers to use in their classrooms.

What are instructional stertagies?

Instructional strategies are the different methods that teachers use to teach students. Some of those strategies direct instruction, interactive instruction, and independent study.

What is multi purpose board?

A multipurpose board is a board that can be used in a variety of ways. The multipurpose board is commonly found in classrooms. Teachers are able to use magnets, markers, construction paper etc.

Do many teachers use google sketchup in their classrooms?

This application is used in many schools, due to its ease of use and flexibility of use in may different applications, such as mathematics and technology design. In addition, it is free, so there are no cost constraints to consider when deciding whether to not to use it.