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you tell them to join

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Q: How do you convince a friend to join the debating team?
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What extra curricular activities should be taken when applying to the US Naval Academy?

Join a debating team, track and field, math club.

On red rescue team in solor cave How do i get kirlia on my team i already have the friend area and i keep on deafeting it but it won't join the team how do i make it join the team?

You can't make it join you. It will randomly happen eventually.

How do you get skamory to join your team?

you get skarmory,s friend area

How do you get raquaza's friend area on Pokemon Blue rescue team?

When rayquaza asks to join the team you automatically unlock its friend area.

How do you build your team in Pokemon mystery dungeon blue rescue team?

First if you have a certain Pokemon on your mind buy his friend area. If you don't then just keep buying random friend areas. Then after you have a lot of friend areas you have to go into a dungeon and kill Pokemon. After you kill them they will either die or ask to join your team. So basically you have to kill Pokemon to make them join your team. BUT YOU MUST HAVE THEIR FRIEND AREA SO THEY WILL JOIN YOUR TEAM! Hope this helps. :)

How do friends affect participation in sports?

The likely conclusion would be that a friend has much persuasion in whether someone joins a sport or not. If a friend is on the tennis team and suggests joining, there is a good chance that person will join. The same can be said for the opposite: If a friend suggests not to join the tennis team, that person will be likelier to not join.

How do you get Pokemon to join your team on Pokemon Red rescue team?

buy friend areas if ur lucky when u defeat a pokemon it MIGHT ask 2 join ur team

How do you get legendary island friend area?

Get one of the legendary birds to join your team.

How do you get Pokemon to join your team in red rescue team?

buy friend areas if ur lucky when u defeat a pokemon it MIGHT ask 2 join ur team u have 2 have the right areas

What is the friend bow?

a friend bow makes any Pokemon to join your rescue team any of them even mew just try""""""

What does the friend bow do in Pokemon Blue rescue team?

It makes Pokemon join you more frequently.

You are the captain of the soccer team and you observed a new student on the playground who seems to be good at soccer and you wanted to convince to himher to join your soccer team?

talk to the kid about joining the team by telling him how much fun you have had had as a team captain. and give examples.