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Look at the numbers and see if the number line is less or higher

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Q: How do you label a number line?
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How do you use a number line?

By drawing the number line and label it.

How do you express irrational number on a number line?

Simply plot the irrational number at it's approximate location on the number line and label the irrational number. For example, if you were to plot pi on the number line, you would plot it at about 3.14 and label it with "π" (the pi symbol, if it doesn't show up) Another example is if you want to plot the square root of 2 on the number line. You would plot it at around 1.414 and label it with "√2"

Plot and label 1.3 on number line?

1.3 in a number line is between 1 and 2 .

Can you draw a label line ab using a straightedge?

Draw and label line Ab

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When was Front Line - record label - created?

Front Line - record label - was created in 1978.

Is it true that if two points are labeled on a number line then the length between them can be measured?

In principle, yes. The length is the value of the higher label minus the value of the lower label.

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How do you label a line?

It all depends on what you want to do with that line.

How can you use a number line to show that 5 over 8 is greater than 3 over 8?

Divide a number line into eight segments and label each one in eighths. 5/8 will be to the right of 3/8.

How do you label a line plot?

by being a boss

What symbol is typed before a number a label?

The symbol "#" is typed before a number or label.