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By using foreplay - and that includes romance!

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Q: How do you make a female ready to have intercourse by her will everyday?
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What did they southern colonies make?

People. The male and female colonials had intercourse, inducing birth, which in turn, resulted in more people

What transfers semen into the female body during sexual intercourse?

The design of the both the male and female reproductive system whenever people make love has been helps the transfer of the sperms to the female reproductive system.

How does a male lion help create a baby in the female lion?

The only way it is possible for a lion to make the lioness pregnant, is to have intercourse with it.

How to know if your bunny ready to breed?

Rabbits are ready to breed when they are between the ages of six months and three years. Also, a male rabbit will make noises with its nose and circle you or the female when he is ready.

How do buffalos reproduce?

they do by sexual intercourse by a male and female and this is not something that is weird or disgusting its actually what should mammals do to reproduce and make a wonderful family

How do people born?

They have sexual intercourse and make sperm cells go to the egg in the female therefor making the egg expand to a infant then to a man.

Can a male transsexual make a women pregnant?

If the transexual is still producing active semen, it would be possible for them to inpregnate a female during intercourse.

How do people born babies?

They have sexual intercourse and make sperm cells go to the egg in the female therefor making the egg expand to a infant then to a man.

Do male betta make nest even when there is no female?

Yes! Betta fish males can make bubble nests whether or not a female betta is present! Male bettas make nests when their home are in proper conditions and they are ready to breed.

How long does the average female take getting ready?

about 45 minutes add 5 for make up an 10 for flat ironing

How long does it take for a man to re-coop after sex before he's ready to go again?

I would say it might take 20 to 30 minutes, it is all mental. Just relax after the intercourse, you will be ready to do it again. Make sure you wash your pennis before doing it again. It will be clean and safer, otherwise it will smell. You should ask your parter to do the same, so that you both can engae in oral sex before the intercourse.

What do the glands do in the male reproductuve system?

excrete sperm cells which subsequently peirce through a female egg in her ovary during sexual intercourse which will therefore make your partner pregnant with an infant.