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Sometimes you can.....

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Q: How do you say 'Have an awesome time'?
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How do you say thank you for invititing me to special event had an awesome time?

well, you would say :thank you for inviting me to this awesome occasion, (say there name) ,had a wonderful time! goodbye!

Why do people say Llama all the time?

Because llamas are AWESOME!

How did you say awesome in spanish?

How to say "awesome" in spanish is imponente hope that helped!

How do you say awesome?

awesome:or-somebtw i am awesome and ur not

How do you say awesome me in Russian?

Awesome me : удивительным мне

Why is orange awesome?

oranges are awesome because you can say oranges are orange and you can also say that backwards but you cant say reds are apple

How do you say awesome in Germany?

Depending on context, awesome can be translated as:ehrfurchtgebietendüberwältigendbeeindruckendgeil

How do you say awesome in Russian?

In slang language, it would be - prikol'no

How do you say you' re not awesome in Spanish?

you' re not awesome = no estás impresionante

What can you say about AMTRAK?

Its awesome.

How do you say awesome in Finland?


How do you say im going to have a awesome day today?

u say im going to have a awesome day today.