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you say Father: Padre if u refer to God Father, Padre is right or Dios Padre, Son : hijo or Dios hijo or Jesús and Holy Spirit: Espíritu Santo

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En El nombre de Dios

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Q: How do you say 'in the name of God' in Spanish?
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What is The name of God in Spanish?

the way to say God in spanish is Dios. To say many gods it's dioses.

How do you say god's wife name in Spanish?

La Virgen De Guadalupe

How do you say god in Spanish?


How do you say invest in god in spanish?

Whatever that means... In Spanish, you would say "invertir en Dios".

How do you say god night in spanish?

Buenos Noches.

How do you say God is with you in Spanish?

Dios está contigo.

How do you say god be with you in spanish?

Dios esté contigo

How do you say god-daddy in spanish?


How do you say 'his name is Christopher' in Spanish?

Cristóbal is the Spanish name for Christopher.

How do you say your name is Tia in Spanish?

the name tia in spanish is aunt

How do you say and write the name of God in the French Italian Spanish Hebrew and Apache languages?

If you mean God's true name, according to the Hebrew scriptures, it is called the Tetragrammaton, and you can only write it in Hebrew. The moment you write it in any other alphabet, it's no longer the name of God. If you mean the word "God", it is: French = Dieu Italian = Dio Spanish = Dios Hebrew = Hashem (ה׳) Apache = Usen

How do you say play or die in Spanish?

play in spanish is- jugar- who-god die in spanish is- morir- mo-deed