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To say 'parking lot' in Spanish, you would say 'estacionamiento.'

(Pronounced ess-tah-thee-ownahm-YENTaw) ('th' as in 'thin')

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Q: How do you say 'parking lot' in Spanish?
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How do you say no parking spanish?

"No hay estacionamiento"

How do you say hello parking meter in spanish?

hola, parquímetro.

How do you say no contractor parking in Spanish?

no hay aparcamiento contratista

What does parking lot mean in french?

Parking lot does not exist in French.We say only parking to refer to a place where to park your car. (We should say 'parc de stationnement')The verb to park is garer (gah-reh) in french.Example: I will park my car on the parking lot = je vais garer ma voiture sur le parking

How do you say alotin Spanish?

'a lot' in Spanish is 'mucho'

How do say a lot in Spanish?


How do you say not a lot in Spanish?

no mucho.

How do you say we read a lot in Spanish?

Leemos mucho (en espanol) = We read a lot (in Spanish)

How do you say no parking in spanish?

Por Favor, no parque en mis espacio. Gracias.

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How do you say have a lot of in spanish?

tengo mucho