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Plan de retiro 401(k)

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Q: How do you say 401K in spanish?
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Can you re-ammortize your 401k loan payroll deduction payments if you are filing bankruptcy?

What are you possibly trying to say? (Your 401k is exempt from seizure and process in BK you know).

How do I find out my individual 401 k?

I would think that if you have a 401k through your job then you should be able to talk to ur supervisor at work. If you have been putting money in a 401k on your own, well it depends on where you have your 401k through. Just say your 401k is at a local bank then that would be where you want to go and talk to one of the supervisors about your 401k. If your 401k is through someone else then you will need to talk to one of those people so on and so forth.

Which is the best 401k plan at Safeway?

Try this website:

What did Phoebe mean when she said four oh wunk in Friends episode 21 season 9?

She meant to say 401K (a retirement package).

What's the difference between a 401k and a Roth 401k?

The 401k is not taxed but the Roth 401k will be best in the long run as the money you get out wont be taxed then.

What is 401k Limits for contribution in 401k?


How can I rollover my 401k?

You can rollover your 401k by applying for or opening a new 401k through your new employer. You don't have to do it though. Withdrawing from your 401k will result in penalties.

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